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Good morning and thank you. A while ago I bought an I ONLY LISTEN TO THE MOUNTAIN GOATS tee and since I've been asked for random high fives and whether or not I am some bizarre goat whisperer. My question is whether the shirt is a binding contract?


It is. However, checking out, digging, grooving on, rocking out to, being moved by to the point of obsession with, or just enjoying other music is still perfectly fine under the terms of the shirt. 

Someday my two-line bio for solo appearances, which is a companion piece to the I ONLY LISTEN TO THE MOUNTAIN GOATS shirt/tote bag, will emerge in the wild, and together we will all ponder what the third pillar of my Triforce of  Exaggerated Claims ought to be.


i hope leonard nimoy is having a lovely day

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When I get to hold a puppy

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What do people even do with Bachelor degrees?

where did u get all that baja blast

They tell you were to get it after you obtain at Bachelor’s degree. That’s all u get. Worth it? probs.

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Two-time Oscar-winning shrug

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" Sometimes, when you’re so sad you don’t know what to do, it helps to be angry. "

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